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From a very young age (about 4years old) I had a camera in my hand. My Nanna would gift me with her old one and I would pretend to take photos of everything! In High School I learnt the art of photography with access to darkroom processing. Black and white photography was my favourite.

As the years passed, I continually photographed different things and would get a kick of excitement out of opening that envelope to see what my processed film showed I'd captured in print. Yep showing my age!

Of course with the magic of digital DSLRs my world just opened right up. Photography has always been a huge passion of mine but even more so now knowing what it gives to others.

I am mostly a self taught photographer with a few nights of photography school to brush up on my techniques.  I love natural light portraits and my style is described at stress free, beautiful, natural and professional.

People have always interested me, especially in photography. I always look to capture the personality, emotion and essence of that person whilst trying to convey their story and their uniqueness in an image.


And don't we all love the memories portraits conjure up and the joy they bring as we look back on them. 

To me portrait photography is not just about making a portrait; it is about capturing a moment.

I have a small home studio where I am able to photograph portraits and headshots.  Headshots are key in making first impressions count and showcasing the personality, confidence and approachability of that person. Professionals, whether they are in business, an actor, musician, or entertainer need headshots to market themselves and to set themselves apart.

As an added touch of excitement to my services I can offer, I have just commenced small to medium product photography within in my studio.

I am thrilled to start these new ventures and look forward to providing my clients amazing images.

Thank you for popping by and I hope that one day our paths will cross.​


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Karen Jack - 0401 673 336

Owner and Photographer of InTouch Photography


74 Nepean Avenue, Penrith NSW 2745